Perks Mechanism

Perks provide permanent and temporary advantages for players. Players can obtain Perks by blending the technologies they produce in the Research Lab.
With the developing computer technology, players will be able to manage their Factories more easily. Factories equipped with computer technology will be able to order "Claim All" with a single automation system. (Computer Perks usage period is 1 month.)
With the work of Artificial Intelligence, scientists can now calculate the calculation of productions with less deviation. Automation systems in factories will be updated with Artificial Intelligence, and they will now be able to use a smarter "Claim All" command. It will ensure that complex research can be done at once in the scientific research laboratory. (Artificial Intelligences Perks usage period is 1 month.)
Scientists have given life to objects by combining the metals in their hands with computer technology. They benefit from Artificial Intelligence technology so that these objects can produce themselves. Robot Factories can now be built with this feature. (Robotics Perks usage period is 1 month.)
(The number of Perks will be increased with the battle update in order to increase the game dynamics and offer a wider strategy option.)